Saturday, July 25, 2009

Seashell Frames

This past week the children and I made seashell frames for Ocean week. They each decorated their own wooden frame with smooth stones and seashells. I then took a photo of each child and put it in their frame to bring home the next time they came to daycare.

Even our littlest one was able to decorate her frame with careful supervision to make sure nothing went near the mouth ;)...

Fun summer days.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kyla's First Day!

Today Kyla started with us at Little Acorn Learning... she is just so sweet and she made herself right at home.

She brought her favorite rabbit 'Beda' with her and showed him around too.
Some cupcakes for Beda..

Working on a puzzle.

Making a new friend.

It amazes me how some children just do so well in new environments. My own children have such a hard time leaving me and trusting others when they are small. I wonder if its the way I parent or if it is just their personalities. Either way, Kyla decided it was time to rest and laid down on her pillow and I put her in the crib while the children were still playing. She fell right asleep right there and woke up talking to her bunny.
We are so happy to have her join us!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Day Today

Cutting our snack today..
Setting the table. Avery did the plates, Brianna passed out the napkins...

Ryder passed the apples :)
The big girls did the pouring..

This week is Ocean Week at Little acorn so we looked at different seashells and added them to our nature table.

We also made personalized sand buckets and I hid seashells in the sandbox and the children dug around to find them... They found all 16 seashells!

Then we took a peak in our garden and found our first zucchini!!
Our 'Ocean' nature table..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tie Dye Day!!!

This week we had tie dye day at Little Acorn Learning. Each child brought in their own t-shirt to dye.

Wrapping up our t-shirts to make cool designs..
Each child wrapped their own shirt a special way with rubber bands...

Then the older children helped me dye each shirt with each color. We wore gloves and took our time.

They came out so good! Can't wait to do it again. :) Happy Summer!

Rocks, Gems & Minerals Week

This week from my July Childcare Guide we learned about rocks, gems & minerals. I was realizing that I probably should have made this more of a 'summer guide' as these themes could be used any time throughout the summer months. We learned new songs about rocks and gems. And we looked at different types of stones and talked about their colors and names.
Then we went outside and went on a hunt for rocks. After we found a bunch, we filled up our water table and washed our rocks with sponges. The older siblings took care of their younger brother or sister and showed them how to clean the stones and take turns.

This activity kept them busy for over a half hour! :)
Then we brought our rocks inside and made a little display on our nature table. This time, the children watched me as I did the blackboard drawing - and they told me what colors to do and what to draw :). The girls wanted a rainbow too so that's what they got.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fishing Night

Last weekend was fishing night at the lake club and we took the three little girls with us.

Brianna is a pro! She was not afraid of the fish at all... she actually tried to kiss one on the lips, ewwwww…

We threw everything back in but I still had mixed feelings about the whole thing. It seemed cruel to me and two of our fish had hooks caught far down so others helped us get them out.

The water was beautiful and the weather too... and we enjoyed time together as a family.

Pouring, Scooping and Measuring

Bree's new favorite activities using real water and dry chickpeas (lol)...