Thursday, January 31, 2019

*Little Light of Mine* - February 2019 Photo Contest from Little Acorn Learning

This Month's  Facebook Photo Contest theme is...

*Little Light of Mine*
*February Photo Contest from Little Acorn Learning*

With Candlemas approaching in only 2 days, we thought it very fitting to host this month's contest with the theme ** Little Light of Mine ** Show us photos of your littles ones embracing light and love. 

Our winners will receive a free e-book of their choice from Little AcornLearning

How to enter to win:

-Send no more than 3 photos per family or school correlating to our theme(s) to

-Include your name and written permission for Little Acorn Learning to use your photo in future publications or marketing always crediting your name.

-Once your photo is posted on our Facebook Page, ask family and friends to LIKE it by sharing the link.

-The photos with the most LIKES win a FREE ebook of their choice from Little Acorn Learning - we will end our contest on February 10th, 2019

**Photography by Alex Hopkins

Each month, members from across the world participate in our photo contest.  After receiving the theme for the month, they search through their best digital photos to find pictures that best match the topic provided.  Photos of  nature, holistic parenting, family, home care, crafting and children are all wonderful and welcome subjects.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Homemade Butter Making with Children

This is such a simple and fun activity to do with small children.

First just fill a clean glass baby food jar half full with heavy cream and add a small amount of salt.
Then shake, shake, shake!!!!!! Shake for as long as you can - it will take up to 10 minutes until your butter is made.
Then watch their little faces when you open up the jars!
And enjoy your fresh butter on crackers or bread for snack!
Have fun!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Make Your Own Icicles - Fun Winter Science Lesson

Make Your Own Icicles!
 This is a perfect activity to do during the 'Ice, Forgiveness' weekly theme in our January Preschool/Kindergarten Book and our January Afterschooling Guide! It is also wonderful for those of you who live in climates that do not often get cold enough for the children to experience ice in this way.

Supplies Needed:
Plastic Milk Jug

Make a small hole in the bottom of your jug with the pin about one inch back from the corner which is opposite the handle. 

Fill your jug with water.  Do not cover it.  Use wire to hang the jug outside on an evening that you know the temperatures will drop low enough.  The water will slowly drip and the freezing weather should create an icicle!  

If your water is dripping too fast, you will need to make another one with a smaller hole.  The water should barely drip out. 

Add food coloring to make colored icicles or colored ice blocks to build outside!
 Good luck!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Age Appropriate Chores for Children

A Good House

This is the roof of the house so good.
(Make roof with hands)

These are the walls that are made of wood.
(Hands straight, palms parallel)

These are the windows that let in the light.
(Thumbs and forefingers form windows)

This is the door that shuts so tight.
(Hands straight by side)

This is the chimney so straight and tall.
(Arms up straight)

Oh! What a good house for one and all.

Involving children in the work of daily living is so very important but often not so very easy. Younger children love to imitate what the adults in their life are doing and so you will often see a toddler or preschool aged child pretending to iron, sweep or tuck "baby" in just like mom or dad does. But, as children mature, it can become more of a struggle to get their involvement in daily living tasks. Whenever possible, rather than using sticker charts and reward systems, it is important to try to get children to be a part of the daily work as a way of life and of daily living, not to just earn something. As adults in this age, we tend to do everything for our children while they are very capable of doing some of the work around the home.

Here is a helpful chart of age appropriate chores for children that you may find useful:

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Afterschooling in January

Are you a parent looking for some holistic after school activities for your children? Our Waldorf-Inspired January Afterschooling Program is just what you need to create a beautiful month together.
Week One, January Sheep's Wool, Warmth (New Years)

~ Read Stories of Wool and Warmth
~Bake a Twelfth Night Cake
(for detailed ideas on celebrating Three Kings Day
this week see our 
Three Kings EBook)~Create Your Own Felt Out of Sweaters
~Share Verses and Songs with the Children
~Implement Some New Ways to Create Warmth
in Your Home or School
~Create a Winter Woolen Playscape for Your Children
~Learn the Knit and Purl Songs on Your Pennywhistle or Flute
and Enjoy the MP3
~Read About the Benefits of Saunas and Put
Together an After-Sauna Snack
~Create a Felt Crayon Holder for Your Block Crayons
~Meditate on Warmth and What it Means in Our Lives

Week Two, January
Animals in Winter, Deep Rest

~Read Stories of Animals and Hibernation
~Share Songs and Poetry with Your Children
~Track Wildlife Prints Outdoors
~Draw Beautiful Animals with Your Beeswax Crayons
~Learn the Pentatonic Song 'Deep Rest' on Your Home
Instrument and Enjoy the MP3 Version
~Create and Drink Restful Herbal Tea
~Make a 'Ta i Tre' Touch Wood with the Children
~Meditate on What Deep Rest Means Can Do for
Your Life this New Year

Week Three, January
Snowflakes, Tolerance

~Read Stories of Snowflakes and Peace
~Share Verses and Song to Welcome the Snow
~Study Snowflakes Up Close
~Teach Children the Beauty of Diversity and Tolerance
~Make Pancake Snowmen for Breakfast
~Create Snow Lanterns Outdoors
~Learn 'Little Flakes of Snow' on Your Pennywhistle or
Flute and Enjoy the MP3
~Create Beautiful Snowflake Fairies to Hang
Over Your Nature Space
~Make a Batch of Winter Burritos to Warm Their Bellies
~Create a Peace Pole for Your Home or School
~Weave Diversity on a Handmade Cardboard Loom
~Meditate on Tolerance and the Beauty of the
Difference that have Blessed Your Life

Week Four, January
Ice, Forgiveness

~Read Stories of Ice and Forgiveness
~Go Outside and Look for Icicles
~Share Songs and Verses of Ice
~Talk about Forgiveness with Your Children
~Create a Beautiful Ice Medallion with Nature Items
~Learn the 'Icy Icicles' Song on Your Home Instrument
and Enjoy the MP3
~ Create Ice Blocks and Light Them Up!
~ Make Ice Paintings with the Children
~ Craft Ice 'Scrumbles' by Learning Freeform Crochet
~Make Frozen Banana Treats
~Meditate on Forgiving Yourself, Others and
Past Experiences as You Begin a Fresh New Year

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Twelfth Night Cake Recipe for Epiphany

At the turning point of time
The Spirit-light of the world
Entered the stream of earth existence.
Darkness of night
Had ceased its reign;
Day-radiant light
Shone forth in human souls:
That gives warmth
To simple shepherds’ hearts;
That enlightens
The wise heads of kings.

~Rudolf Steiner
‘The Epiphany’ celebrated on January 6th also goes by other names such as Three Kings’ Day, Twelfth Day, The Adoration of the Magi and Dia de los Tres Reyes among others. In many cultures, Christmas or the birth of Christ is actually celebrated on this day instead of December 25th. January 6th brings the ends of the holy days and twelve days of the Christmas season. It signifies the birth of the Light within us all and the resolution of our waiting and anticipation of the coming of the Sun and/or Son in our lives and in our world (Advent). It is a time of Truth, of Hope and of Finding the Light and ‘Christ’ within all of us. 

Twelfth Night is a festival worth celebrating, as it signals the end of the holiday season and can give us a last "hurrah" before emerging out of the magic of the season into to everyday life. 

There are so many beautiful ways to celebrate this magical time with your children. Today we are sharing a traditional recipe for Twelfth Night Cake or King’s Cake which is often baked on Epiphany, the "twelfth day of Christmas" (January 6th). Recipes for this famous cake abound, ranging from the typical medieval vagueness (taek ye a measure of flour, and a measure of almonds, mix them together with enough eggs, etc...) to the simple French Galette Des Rois (Three Kings Cake) in which there is a dried bean hidden in the almond paste filling that is simply sealed between two layers of puff pastry.  Traditionally the cake was presented crowned with a gold paper cut-out crown and a dried bean or pea was baked in the cake. Whoever was lucky enough to find the legume in his or her piece would be crowned king or queen for the day.

Here is a nice recipe from our Three Kings Day & The Epiphany Book for you to try this Sunday.

Twelfth Night Cake Recipe:
Supplies Needed:

Two eggs
1 ½ cup of sifted flour
1 cup of sugar (use half a cup of honey instead)
1 cup of sour cream
1 teaspoon of vanilla flavoring
1/2 teaspoon of lemon flavoring
1 round cake tin, (8 inches) across and (3 inch) deep
1 dried bean
A cake rack
For cream cheese icing: Mix one package of cream cheese with 1/2 stick butter, some honey and lemon juice.

Beat the eggs and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the cream and beat, then add the natural flavorings. Lightly fold in the sifted flour. Spoon the batter into the well-buttered tin. Make sure you add the bean. Bake for 40-60 minutes (check often) at 350 degrees. Enjoy!  

Little Jack Frost - Winter Circle Time Verse

Little Jack Frost went up the hill, 
Watching the stars and the moon so still -
Watching the stars and the moon so bright
And laughing aloud with all his might.

Little Jack Frost walked through the trees;
"Ah," sighed the flowers, "we freeze, we freeze!"
"Ah," sighed the grasses, "we die, we die!"
Said little Jack Frost, "Goodbye, goodbye."

Little Jack Frost tripped 'round and 'round 
Spreading much snow on the frozen ground,
Nipping the breezes, icing the streams,
Chilling the warmth of the sun's bright beams.