Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just Painting Some Rocks, Mom...

Yesterday as I was working through a very large - never ending - mound of laundry, I called out to see what the girls were up to... as I've learned that if it is quiet for too long, something is usually up.

Keira responded "Just painting some rocks, mom"....

Painting WHAT?
For Christmas, the girls received rock painting kits that have been tucked away ever since... I guess they felt it was time to break them out :) Independently... without any adult interaction... LOL
Keira set up newspaper, got out the paintbrushes, handed out aprons and set up herself and her sisters with paint, water, brushes and rocks... all on her own. She takes such care with things like that... its really great.

I always encourage the girls to create. I love to paint and draw and make things..... I wish there were more hours in the day so I could spend them writing, painting, taking photos and creating. I love that the girls enjoy being creative as well.

I think it is so important that we, as parents and caregivers, try not to worry so much about the mess that our children might cause when they create. I know it can be so very hard to keep the house together with small children... its truly not possible to have it all put together all of the time. And, I know many moms who avoid paint and play dough and other crafts because of this. But, it is so wonderful when children are free to express themselves through art. And, older children are very capable of being mindful to set-up their workspace, clean their brushes and tools and to be careful.

And really what is the worst that can happen?

A little paint on their fingers...

Maybe a thumb or two?

OK quite possibly the floor, their clothing and your entire kitchen... but isn't it worth it in the end? Childhood is messy... what fun would it be otherwise?
Now that Keira is so good at setting everything up, we'll have to work on the CLEANING everything up part next :)~

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Day!

some knitting...
snow building...
and hiding out in the wood...

nothing could be better :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Celebration at Little Acorn Learning

We celebrated Valentine's Day with a fun craft, snacks and songs at circle time.

Everyone was so excited to be back at school after our long break... with the snow days and two days off, it seemed like forever!

Bundled up and FREE to BE! We spend as much time as possible outside with the children.

My little snowbabies...

Mittens are too tempting to keep on for long - I wonder if some of that glue we used at craft time would help? ;)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Embracing Winter

Lately, when the weather people have predicted lots of snow - we've gotten only a little and when they have predicted a little - we've gotten A LOT!

Today we got A LOT and it's still coming!

The girls have really enjoyed the winter time so far this year... they go outside all bundled up and play for hours together. Its so nice that they are all old enough now to play together. I remember those really hard days when Brianna would want to go outside but was too small to go without me.... so I'd bundle up right along with them and go too.
Now she's a big girl.
Snow bliss..

I'm not sure what the true motivation is... the fun of going outside to play in the snow ...or the fact that mommy will offer them hot cocoa when they come inside, each and every time.
I watched a clip today about how fleeting time is being a mother to children at home.... each little moment passes by so quickly until one day, they are no longer with you each day... they are on their own... and you are only left with the memories and echos of these days with small children. My hope is that this blog will be a way for all of us to come back and remember years to come..

Remember the fun times together..
Our sweet Stoli boy..

The snow on the treetops..

Mommy with her camera out each and every window and door...

Little cats that meow too much...
Asking over and over again if Dee is home yet.
Warm things and places.