Thursday, June 23, 2011

FREE Summer Ebooks for Crochet Students

As you may know, our next handwork ecourse, Beginning Crochet, begins next week and I'm so excited about it. Jennifer Tan does such an amazing job teaching these classes and includes such wonderful videos and written tutorials with photos.

As an extra gift, we are offering each Crochet Student a FREE Summer Handwork Ebook and FREE Summer Afterschool Menu.

We hope you consider joining us for this creative and easy-to-follow class.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Pond Farm

There is a beautiful place under a half an hour away from us that I finally took my girls to last week. The farm is small but so sweet and the programs they have are wonderful. We met a homeschooling group for their honey bee field trip. While my girls do not currently homeschool, it is something I have considered and still do and I know a few of the moms in this particular group so I was excited to get together with them.

The group started out by visiting each part of the farm.

It was SUCH a hot day and everyone was excited any time they could fit a piece of shade to get under.

They learned about the chickens.

And met a sweet cow.

Each child was able to brush the cow.

We enjoyed the beautiful property and visited the sheep.

The instructor did a great job and kept the children engaged.

It was sweet to see the friendships that this particular group has formed... children of all ages helping each other and caring for one another.

We met a few muddy pigs trying to keep cool on this hot day.

Then we went into the classroom to learn about honey bees and their hive.

We saw real honeycombs made by the bees on the farm.

And each child got to taste the honey :)


We saw what the beekeepers wear when working with the hives.

And got to roll our own beeswax candle.

We also talked about other good uses for beeswax... candles, personal care products.

Then we were able to see a real hive - the girls loved it.

The Queen Bee is dotted with a white dot this year - can you find her in the below photo?

A great story to share with the children when learning about bees is The Queen Bee by The Brothers Grimm. I also have an entire week dedicated to the Bee in my May 5 Day program as well as the other May guides.