Thursday, May 28, 2015

Forest Preschool and An Identification Contest Win a FREE E-Book~

I'm back to doing my Forest Preschool program in town and I have come to realize that I've been focusing on some really important things lately but I have really missed working with children.

Every Thursday my friend and I do a craft, hike, scavenger hunt, lunch and activities with the children at a local park across from the library.

 We go to a different part of the park each week and the children are so sweet and have the best time.  This session only had four children enroll. We also have a Nature Club program beginning on Saturdays for older children. I hope we can attract more children in the area and grown the program.  It's so important for children to learn to appreciate the natural world and their local area.

I'm hoping that I can gather a group of parents interested in another similar program so I can tailor it to their needs.

Today we took a walk up and visited our town's community garden.  The children thought it was pretty neat that people shared a garden together.   I've never visited there before today so it was nice for me to see too. I have my own veggie garden but really love the idea of sharing a common space and any extra produce can be donated to our local food pantry.

Oh, by the way!!!!.... I AM GETTING CHICKENS!  I've wanted them for so long and I was finally able to wear my husband down enough for him to give in.  I cannot wait.  I told my little preschoolers that maybe they can help me name the chickens and come visit them.  They should hatch next Wednesday and I will have baby chicks late next week.  I'll be sure to document my adventure :)

We came across many cool discoveries today.  A beautiful flower that I believe came from one of the trees above us...

A little inchworm...

And JUST as we were leaving to meet parents we found this little guy!  In all my years working outside in this area, I've never seen anything remotely close to it.  Connecticut is not crawling with lizards and reptiles under our feet so it was a rare treat to see...

He was tiny.. maybe 2".  Can you do some research with your children and identify him?  If you homeschool or like to supplement your child's education with nature learning - use this as a fun opportunity to let your child do some research either online or at the local library.

When your child thinks he or she knows what the name of this little guy is... post it in the comments of this post along with your child's first name and location. You can also share a link if you want. Come back here on Monday, June 1st and we will randomly pick a few of the comments to WIN a free e-book of your choice from Little Acorn Learning!

Remember to let your child do the work - winners will be random and not based on the correct answer.

Best of luck!  

Monday, May 18, 2015

Growing UP Like Me!

We have a beautiful photo contest ending today but it's not too late to enter to win a free e-book from Little Acorn Learning! Just send no more than 3 photos that correlate to our theme to info (at) with your name and written permission to use your photos in future marketing and publications.  Then share the link to your photos on our Facebook Page with your family and friends so they can LIKE your photos.  The photos with the most LIKES win!
Jennifer Berryman

Suzie Stephensen
Christel Bassett