Friday, January 16, 2015

Bundle Up and Win a FREE E-Book!

Suzie Stephensen
Abby Martz
Andrea Ormerod
Suzie Stephensen
Ummmmmm can it get much cuter?  This month's Little Acorn Learning Photo Contest theme is:

Wool & Warmth

Be sure to show us up to 3 photos of your little ones keep warm in the cold for a chance to win a FREE e-book of your choice from Little Acorn Learning!  Our contest ends on Monday, January 19th (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day).  To enter:

Send no more than 3 photos to 
Provide written permission for Little Acorn Learning to use your photos in future marketing or publications (we do our best to always give credit to the photographer) 
Check our FACEBOOK PAGE and when you see your photos spread the word to family and friends by clicking share and asking them to vote for your photos by clicking LIKE
The photos with the most LIKES get a free e-book of their choice from LAL - please be sure to keep checking back on our Facebook Page because that is where winners are announced.

Best of Luck!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Creating Meaningful Relationships with Our Children - LIVE Call Event!

I am beyond excited to be offering Little Acorn Learning's very first LIVE Call event as part of our Mindful Parenting in 2015 Series.  

In addition to our new Mindful Parenting E-Courses that have begun, tomorrow evening at 7 p.m. EST we will be hosting a dial-in (or log-in) event to help you toward more mindful and simple parenting and educating this year.  

'Creating Meaningful Relationships with Our Children presented by Charlie Manos
Live Event: Wednesday, January 14th 7:00 p.m. EST

Those who purchase can attend LIVE and will also gain access to the 
recorded class at any time!

The lecture portion of the call will last approximately 30 minutes followed by a 30 minute Question and Answer Session.  

I am lucky enough to know Charlie personally and he always does an amazing job presenting and supporting parents and educators in their work with children.

Charlie Manos has worked as a School Psychologist for 26 years in grades K through 12 and was the Coordinator of Pupil Services in Danbury, CT for 4 years prior to coming to Brookfield, CT as the Director of Special Services. Charlie has maintained a private practice for the past 25 years with specialty in marriage and family therapy. He is certified as a School Psychologist and Licensed as a Marriage & Family Therapist.

Charlie will be discussing communication, boundaries, decoding behaviors, praise, and fostering strength with the children that we work with. There will be time to ask questions during and at the end of the event.

After signing up, you will also have free access to the recorded lecture if you cannot attend the live event or wish to hear it again.

Little Acorn Learning

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy Three Kings Day & The Epiphany!

I just love saying that word "epiphany".  :) 

Photo and craft by Jennifer Tan of Syrendell as in our Three Kings Day & The Epiphany E-Book

Wow things have been really busy these last five days and my commitment to focusing more on my business and making changes in my daily routines have been going well so far.  I know myself well though and consistency and discipline is what I struggle most with when it comes to balancing work and family.

Today began my first Mindful Parenting E-Course and I hope that I get as much from it as the students.  I have so many wonderful ideas that I have to balance with keeping the e-course simple and obtainable so members can make changes without getting more overwhelmed than they already are.  And while I have a wonderful outline, I am absolutely putting out fresh ideas each day and I hope it serves the members of the course well.  It is not too late to join us, all emails and class posts will be available to you at any time you sign up!

In the e-course, I plan on focusing upon the following key areas that I have identified in my life that need equal attention in order to obtain true balance as a parent and caregiver:


We will work together to try to create habits that help us to prepare our week ahead, establish and maintain routines in our homes, add beauty to the places we dwell, slowly organize our spaces and create peaceful and loving homes and schools for the children who depend upon us.  As fun as beautiful crafts can be, children - more than anything - need rhythm, consistency and an environment that is predictable.  Focusing here and on ourselves (in the next item) is the MOST important thing.

Self (Body/Mind/Soul):

We will learn to take time out each week for ourselves as often as possible to breathe, meditate, stretch, exercise, get fresh air, be creative, explore our talents, turn off media and background noise, connect with friends and our community, eat clean food, drink water, get proper rest, journal and slow down to pay attention to the world around us.


We will incorporate (slowly) simple activities, songs, stories and ideas that create a soothing presence around the children we care for.  We will remind one another to include children in the daily tasks of running a home and school so they can learn practical life skills by modeling our behavior.  We will slow down and remember that we are being watched and it is our responsibility to be worthy of imitation.  We will work harder to provide healthier meals, better rest, more outdoor time and less media so our children can thrive and develop optimally.  


We will look at easy and attainable ideas to bring the seasons and festivals into our homes and schools.  We will slowly consider how this particular time of year plays into our lives, as caregivers, on a deeper and more spiritual level.  We will include songs, stories, books and crafts when we feel able in order to create a home filled with seasonal spirit.  We will NOT blame ourselves when we cannot fit these things in.  Caring for our environment, self-care and being a more mindful and present parent outweighs this and should always take precedence over crafts and activities.  

Parent Education:

Along the way, I will send writings, links, tools, quotes and adult book recommendations that I feel will help you learn and grow as a parent and teacher.  Taking a course like this is a wonderful first step but in order to break old habits, we need knowledge to back it up.  I am also working on a potential guest speaker call to bring more ideas into our group.  

Today the group focused on adding simple meditation, routines and a mantra to their days ahead and looking forward to get a clear understanding of their obligations and commitments this week so they can work around that framework.

I LOVE the crafting, singing, stories and activities that I include in my guides - but the truth is that these are bonuses and the most important thing we can do as caregivers is to take care of the needs of our homes, our "selves" and our children.  

For that reason, I will only offer simple ideas for celebrating Three Kings Day tomorrow and through the week to students (yes it is OK if you celebrate later in the week or not at all!!).  But, if you do want to celebrate, take a look at the Little Acorn Learning January 2015 Newsletter for some fun ideas and activities.  

Is this a new festival for you and your family to celebrate?  In what simple ways will you bring the joy of the season into your home or school this week?  

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mindful Parenting E-Course Winners!

Wow, I'm not sure we've ever had this amount of winners but it feels great and it really adds to the excitement of this new e-course!  We truly all could use support and encouragement as parents and caregivers and the response to a course like this should let us know we are not alone in our struggle to keep it all together.  

Our e-course starts tomorrow but do not worry if you join in or sign-up late.  You can pick up right where we are and have access to the same content.  If you were not chosen as a winner but would still like to join us, please do so at

If you ARE a winner, you must email us directly at info (at) telling us who you are, what you won and we will then provide you with the download information and/or payment information with your discount.  We recommend you do this as soon as possible so you can begin with the class.

I am looking forward to starting 2015 with you and working together toward becoming the parents our children need us to be.


5 Winners of FREE Enrollment!

 ClothDiaperClub said...
I have come to realize that all the good ideas and books are of no help at all if you don't know how to make it work in your life. I spend more time thinking about the things I want to do with the kids than actually implementing them. Any kind of help in that area would be such a blessing!

 Dori said...
Just in time for the New Year, my family would be blessed if "mama"-me, took this course. I could use the inspiration in our homeschool. Thank you for such a wonderful offering! Blessings- Dori

 Lizzie said...
I have been trying for a while to find rhythm and 'do' everything. It was wonderful to see a course like this and know that sometime I may find a way to get things together for my boys.

 Catherine Lowe said...
Winning this would rock my little guys world! I have been so caught up last year with heading back to work and juggling pre-pep as a single parent I feel all my parenting ideals have flown out the window as we hit survival mode. This course will inspire me to bring back the magic into our lives and celebrate the simple things once again. I would be so grateful for the gift of this course. Thank you. C

Anonymous Hilary said...
I need this course as I am grieving a great loss, and trying to remember the great mom I am. I have an 18 year old, 8 year old, 5 year old and a 9 month old. thanks for the chance.

5 Winners 50% OFF!

Anonymous amanda C said...
We could really use this course! I have come to realize that I do "all the motions" of parenting but most of the time I am not really "there". I really need some assistance on focusing and being actively present in my children's lives.
Brandi said...
I have four children ranging in age from 7 months to 7 years old. Homeschooling keeps us busy...I love incorporating Waldorf things and this course would be wonderful.

Tammy H said...
Would love this to start the new year! what a great opportunity. ~Tammy H.

 dan said...
Wow, what an awesome opportunity, thank you!
Somewhere back there I lost it and have been trying to find my way back to a more peaceful, calm, mindful way of parenting my two girls. They deserve more than I am giving them at this moment. I have been making headway but its a two steps forward, one step backwards process. Maybe this would help give me some extra steps forward.
Again, thanks for this giveaway and also for organizing this course for those of us who have found ourselves somewhere we don't want to be.

Jodi said...
Thank you for offering this give-away! You have made my afternoon/evening very exciting! I read your blog and have purchased some of your offerings which have been helpful in our home. We are heading back into the school routine tomorrow and this course would fit right in for ME! This course offers the COMMUNITY that I desire and would be a great kick-start to the new year. Thank you!

5 Winners 25% OFF!
ashadele said...
This course would be such a blessing to myself and my children! I am still new to Waldorf, but I incorporated the Adent and Saint Nicholas ebook into our lives this season and it was wonderful!! I have wanted to incorporate Waldorf into my homeschool, but I have been really overwhelmed with where to start. Little Acorn Leaning has the hand holding that I am looking for! This course would be a tremendous blessing for our family and the other children in our lives. Blessings....ashleigh

Anonymous Clara E. said...
We just adopted our second child, and I'm so frazzled most days! I need remainders/lessons on how to keep centered and in the moment...especially when both the boys need my attention.

Anonymous Robin R said...
I have loved using LAL since 2005! I now have 4 kids and homeschool them and definitely could use the extra help!

Wolfe Family said...
We would love help with our intentional parenting practices. We have 2 kids, one with autism. We struggle to keep things simple and I feel this e-course would help provide us with a roadmap for that.

I need this course! I have 3 kids and I run 2 preschool programs and I feel so overwhelmed by what I should do!


Mindful Parenting E-Course GIVEAWAY!!!!

We are SO excited about our very first Mindful Parenting E-Course to help caregivers of young children step into 2015 with clarity, peacefulness and simplicity.  This e-course runs for 5 weeks and members will be gently guided toward making small changes toward better parenting and caregiving in 2015 following our Caregiver's Calendar.

To celebrate we are hosting a fun giveaway!  Tell us in the comments section of this post why you feel you need this e-course and winners will be randomly selected as follows:

5 winners will receive FREE entry to our 5 week e-course (a $60 value)!
5 winners will have the option to join us at 50% off!
5 winners will have the option to join us at 25% off!

Be sure to check back here this evening after 8 p.m. EST to see if you've won.  We will need to provide us with contact information at info (at) so we can provide you with log-in and/or payment info.

The e-course starts tomorrow but you can join us any time.  Here's what's included:

A 5 Week Program Running 1/5-2/2 Sign up any time and join in - you 
will have full access to all prior 

Following our Caregiver's Calendar, 
you will be guided and supported 
toward making small changes in 
your daily life with children.  A brand 
new jumpstart toward simplicity and 
mindful parenting in 2015.

Program Includes:

-2015 Caregiver's Calendar
-January 5 Day Guide
-The Daily Guide Checklist
-Winter Childcare Menu
-Private Online Support Group
-A Weekly Email filled with Verses 
and Songs, Book Recommendations, 
a Caregiver Mediation and ideas for 
staying connected to the festivals 
and season upon us
-25% off if you choose to sign up for 
a future Mindful Parenting E-Course 
in 2015 as you will already have the 
Caregiver's Calendar and The Daily 
Guide to work from

BEST of luck!


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mindful Parenting in 2015 with Little Acorn Learning

We are so excited to release our 2015 12 Month Caregiver's Calendar filled with important dates, festival celebrations, colors and grains for the day, full moon dates and a daily inspirational idea and suggestion for each day of the year! This calendar is a wonderful peek into Little Acorn Learning's ideas and philosophy and will help you create a more peaceful and mindful home or school!

We also have two wonderful offerings this month:

Three King's Day is on January 6th and we have an entire e-book filled with everything you need to celebrate this special festival with children. For a limited time, you can buy the Three Kings Day E-Book and receive the Caregiver's Calendar for more than half off with our Epiphany Bundle!

And, for those of you who are looking to parent with more simplicity and mindfulness in 2015, we have put together a Mindful Parenting E-Course. In this 5 week program, you will be guided and supported toward making small changes in your daily life with children by folllowing our Daily Guide and Caregiver's Calendar with others. We will offer inspiration and encouragement to one another through a weekly email, a private Facebook support group, words, photos and links that uplift us as caregivers. In addition, you will receive the Daily Guide, 2015 Caregiver's Calendar, Winter Childcare Menu and the January 5 Day Childcare Guide as part of the program. Join us anytime for this brand new jumpstart toward more mindful parenting this year!