Friday, December 28, 2012

Look for The Light: Embracing Winter

As the days grow deeper into winter, we are moving forward and embracing the bits of joy we can after such a difficult time these past two weeks.  We hosted Christmas Eve and had a really wonderful time with our family and children and when we said goodbye we were so excited to see that we were being gifted a White Christmas this year.  Which was so very needed in Connecticut.  
Wednesday brought even more snow to our neighborhood and the girls were so excited to be able to go outside and enjoy it.  It was perfect packing snow they said.  
So they rolled and they rolled...
And they came in and out asking for silly things like clementines and carrots... candy canes and scarves....  and then finally were ready to unveil their creation to me.   Meet "Peppermint" the Snowman.  :)
These are the beautiful, simple, warming moments that are grabbing hold of me so tightly these days.  These are the moments that I am savoring and breathing in deep.  That are pulling me away from silly, unimportant things like work or laundry.  That are calling me to watch and to listen.
My sweet friend and co-writer Sara from Love in the Suburbs sent us these beautiful Snowflake Angels to cheer us up after listening and supporting me in the pain I've been feeling.  It is amazing to me that I can love a friend so deeply who I have never met in person.  Her words have helped carry me and bring me back to focus when things have felt blurry.
I have been loving this time with my girls, relaxing and crafting... reading and cooking.  Santa brought us a new book Magical Window Stars from A Toy Garden and we have been making many of them.  They are bringing light and hope into our home and for that I am thankful.  
I am thinking of all of you and hoping you are managing okay... I think as parents we must do our best to bring beauty and goodness into our homes to heal our wounds as best as possible. 

With love,

Friday, December 21, 2012

Look for The Light: The Winter Solstice

“I will love the light for it shows me the way.  Yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.” – Og Mandino

On this rainy and dark Winter Solstice, I am here with the children and working hard to bring the light and joy of the new winter sun and Christmas time into my home.  It is not easy after the events of last week and some of it feels forced.  I am sure I am not alone in my difficulty as all of us wrestle with the desire to both mourn and celebrate at this very sacred time of the year.  
The Winter Solstice is a time when the darkness of winter is deep and the days get shorter as the nights grow long.  It is a time to celebrate and await the return of the light.  A time to go deep within ourselves and relight our inner candle to keep ourselves warm.  Especially now, this is a time for us all to rejoice in the eventual return of the sun and envision a new world and new beginnings for our earth.  I have decided that the "end of the world" term is figurative and in our new world we will learn to live together, love one another and create peace.  I am asking you all to join me in creating this new earth.  

Over the next six months, the sun will climb higher and higher into the sky, gradually stretching our days longer and warming our planet.  Let us use the time to be a light to those around us, to help spread goodness and beauty into our world, to reevaluate all we have focused on in the past and shift our energy toward pure, healing and loving endeavors.  Let us work to teach the youngest of us to be peacemakers and tolerant souls.  
Let us use this time to focus on our families.  Let us reconnect with our higher power and ask through meditation and prayer how we can be of service to heal our world. 

If there is light in the soul,  
there will be beauty in the person.  
If there is beauty in the person,  
there will be harmony in the house.  
If there is harmony in the house,  
there will be order in the nation.  
If there is order in the nation,  
there will be peace in the world. 
—Chinese Proverb
In the spirit of the Look for The Light project here, I am sharing a sweet letter I received from someone in our Little Acorn Learning community:
We want to make our contribution to shed light and positive energy during this time and say prayers together for the families every evening.  Our boys are only 4,2 and 8 months and only know that people in Boston (this area is the only area they know near you because we camped there on our family vacation this summer,  so they look on this area fondly :) ) have lost their friends and are very sad.  So,  they wanted to draw a picture for the families in "Boston",  and I have included it here.  Rowan is 4 and wanted to draw a picture of a sun,  and as he proceeded drawing,  drew a door leading to a sun....Davis,  who is 2 wanted to draw a 'Happy face ball" like the one he has that makes him happy,  so I helped him with that:)  We did send these along to Newton but wanted to share them with you too.  Hope they can help spread the light and bring a little more peace.  Thank you for all that you do:) 

Love and Peace, 
The Robblee Family 
The black moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come.  At the darkest moment comes the light.” – Joseph Campbell

If I could ask for anything besides that the events of December 14th never happened, it would be that this was a turning point for us all - a time when we will no longer stand by and watch but take loving action.  I would ask that this feeling of wanting change would not dissipate after time moves on.  
Here is a sweet project my daughter Maia worked on after being given a paper entitled "I'm Gonna Like Me."  - can we teach our children to love themselves so that they are able to love others?  Can you ask your children to do this project?  Can you do it yourself? 

To celebrate winter today, my children came up with a very fun idea of creating an Eye Spy ornament.  Here is the simple tutorial for you:
Eye Spy Ornament
Materials Needed:

  • Plastic (not glass) clear ornament with top
  • Beads
  • Shredded paper
  • Small items to look for (i.e. a dime, tiny lego, etc.)
  • Glue 
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Tag
This is very simple and fun.  Have the children hunt around the house for very tiny items to put inside their plastic ornament.  We had letter tiles, marbles, hair ties, a piece of crayon, an acorn top, a dime, a tiny lego, a very small lego "head", a piece of a feather and more.  Write each item on your tag that you will later attach so children know what to hunt for. 
 Place all tiny items inside your ornament.  Then fill the ornament up with beads and shredded pieces of paper to make it challenging.  
We recommend using hot glue or regular glue before you put the top on so your ornament does not spill later on.  Be sure to write "I Spy" with a sharpie marker on it or sticker letters and also put the child's name and year on the bottom.  

We hope this brings you a little happiness today. 
Enjoy it.
Some other ideas from Little Acorn Learning that may help you to celebrate winter are in our following e-books:

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Look for the Light: Caroling to the Homebound

After a really hard day visiting Sandy Hook, the girls and I went with other members of our church to carol to a few homebound individuals in our area.  The activity was simple and sweet but filled with so much love and joy.
It was exactly what our hearts needed.  We needed this to remember that there is still so much good work to be done in this world and it is up to us to do it and to teach our children to do the same.  It was very healing for the homebound but maybe even more so for the carolers.
I left with a new determination and mission.  To spread as much light and create as much change in this world as I possibly can while I am here.

I hope you join me and do the same.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Overcome Evil With Good

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.  Romans 12:21

My good friend and I went to Sandy Hook this morning.  We wanted to pay our respects to the victims and find some way to connect with our community during this horrible time. 

 The outpouring of love was just unbelievable.  Not only in the things you see here in pictures... but in words, strong, tight, loving hugs from strangers and a sense of knowing that everyone there needed one another.

Strangers asked us how we were doing.  One woman came straight up to us and gave us an enormous hug without saying a word.  A gesture that anywhere else would have seemed odd.  Gestures that should become commonplace.   Is there hope this event has changed us?  Can it last?

We brought stuffed animals and candles and placed them in front of the memorial.  We spent a long time in Sandy Hook this morning and walked up to the firehouse as well.  We were amazed to see that each one of our little candles were still burning strong when we returned despite the light rain and wind.  It was a sign to us.  Energy was around us that was pure love burning bright.  

When I saw these stockings I got extremely choked up.  The thought of empty Christmas stockings next week made me feel ill.

A small tree was placed and decorated for each lost soul.

I am so thankful to whoever made this sign.  It has stayed with me throughout the day and has helped me to shift my thinking some.  I have decided that this MUST be a pivotal time for our world.  There must be change immediately and I am praying each day that it will begin now.  I promise to do whatever I can to be a part of that change in my lifetime and I promise to teach my children to be changemakers and peacemakers as well. 

There was press everywhere.  My friend and I think we may have been recorded more than once.  It was a little difficult to grieve and cry privately when cameras were all around.  I can't imagine how hard this is on families.  Families who need space and silence to mourn and be with loved ones.

Rest well little angels.  And know that you will never be forgotten.  I pray that your life will be the beginning of a beautiful new world where the focus is put back on the family, people learn to live with and love one another in peace and weapons and violence become something of the past.  I pray.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Look for The Light: Small Glimmers of Light and Winner of Our Winter Festivals E-Book

Before I continue, I know I was to choose a winner from our Winter Festivals E-Book Giveaway on Saturday and I apologize that I did not.  My heart just couldn't imagine anything being won after a day like Friday.  But, I hope that this free gift will help someone bring some beauty and joy into their home as Christmas time arrives, especially after such a tragedy.

The winner of our giveaway is:  SAPsMaMa: Natural Parenting in the Modern World
:)   We truly are so happy to share some joy with you and hope you find it useful with your children!

As the day begun, it was harder for me to find the goodness and light so I am very very grateful for the messages and emails I received thanking me for this project and sharing with me little pieces of goodness to remind me of why...

One of my favorite blogs Kleas sent over this beautiful project they did as a part of Look for The Light with their  preschool children.

It is both beautiful and painful for me to see that this is being organized by our sister church Newtown Congregational as it just make it all the more real.  

Then another sweet note came in from another Little Acorn Learning community member, Kristen Thurmond.  

"This afternoon as our girls played outside, we discovered our lemons had been touched by Father Sun & were peaking out from behind the green leaves to show their beautiful yellow color.  We began to harvest them to take tomorrow to share with the other families at our Waldorf school tomorrow.  It also made me think of your request for some "light" pictures.  I hope they give you some light as we all grieve for the families & victims of Sandy Hook.  One includes my daughter, Paige."

Then my girls made paper snowflakes to adorn the new school the survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting will be using after the New Year.  It was a small gesture of hope and peace.  The people organizing are hoping to turn the school into a winter wonderland for when the children arrive.  God bless them all.  

Lastly, one of my sweet daycare parents who is helping me with this project and also runs the Greater Danbury Attachment Parenting Network posed a challenge to her members as part of Look for The Light:

Look for the Light:

I am challenging each and every one of you to do at least ONE random act of kindness this week in the name of one of the victims of this crime. If there is one thing every single family member has said...of each one...young and older...was that they were full of life and love. Let's spread the light and keep that memory going. Pass their name on for something good...the way it was meant to be ♥ 

There is a deep dark sadness lingering in my heart today.  I was not able to put my girls on the school bus this morning like I know so many other brave mothers did.  I couldn't let them go just yet.  

I know I am supposed to get back into the routine of things but I just can't.  I am afraid.  I have been horribly reminded of the danger that lurks when we let our children go out into the world.  It now has a face.  And it lived right in my backyard.  My biggest fear as a mother is to lose my child or to leave this earth before they are ready to live without me.  Last Friday shook me to my core.  I still can't breathe.  I can't begin to imagine the pain those parents are feeling... or the siblings... imagining my daughters losing one another is just so extremely painful.  They are a part of each other.  


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Look for the Light: A Story of Goodness

I know for many it seems too early to look for the goodness after such horror.  But the only way I can survive another day with my insides turned out like this is to somehow find a way and a reason to seek hope.  This world is still a place filled with goodness and light.  I refuse to allow a monster to rob myself, my community, my children and my world of that truth. 

I've not received an inbox full of goodness yet.  But one by one, as people process and cope, they are sending us messages of beauty in the wake of such evil.  I think those angels that left us way too soon would ask us not to give up.  They would ask us to look for the light for their classmates, colleagues and to help initiate change.

Today after church my family went to a diner to eat.  In the front entrance way are once-empty menus colored by children who ate their over the last few days and weeks.  One little drawing pulled me back.  It was done a day after the shootings.  A beautiful photo of Christmas... of hope for the magic of the season and then on the bottom a request to God... to please please "bless all the children".  If that isn't a message of hope and light, I am not sure what else is.  We cannot allow this event or any event to take away the hope and joy that is within our children or ourselves.  
Another member of our Little Acorn Learning community sent us in this beautifully sweet story as a reminder that there is still goodness in our broken world:

A Story of Goodness and Light from one of our Members, Hallie: 

"We had been looking forward to this dinner for weeks but after the events of yesterday, it seemed almost wrong to enjoy it... it was a military appreciation dinner held at South Tacoma Auto. Still we went, and had a lovely time, great food and were so touched by the sincerity of the staff in their thanks to our military. There

 were give-aways (of which we were so lucky to win a new watch!) but the highlight of the evening was the actions of a man who I didn't even catch his name.... the grand prize giveaway was $1000 gift card, who was won by a nice looking older gentleman. When he went up to receive his gift, there was a bit of confusion, as we couldn't hear what he said, and then the crowd around him started clapping and standing up.... that retired military man had asked that his gift be given to someone else who was still active duty.....That was such an example to that room full of 300+ people, that even on such an ugly day in our country's history... there is still good in the world.... I know my girls didn't realize how special that moment was but I did... and I just haven't been able to kick that lump in my throat and tears of gratitude for that man, I just had to share it with all of you too... so that everyone can remember that there is so much good still in this world if only we let ourselves see it. And that we all have the power to share goodness and God's blessings... Before we left, I went up to that man and told him how special I thought that was and all he could say was something along the lines of " It's the least I could do for all they are doing"...."

So as Monday is fast approaching and my stomach is turning about sending my three children off to school without me.... I am reminded of the beautiful teachers and staff that work so hard to protect and educate our children.  I am reminded of the dedication and bravery of our Connecticut and town police forces and feel good that their presence will be at our schools this week as an extra precaution.  I will look around, even if it means straining my eyes, to find you stories of goodness to post here.  

I hope you will too.  Join us tonight at 7 p.m. to light a candle or luminary on your front porch or in a window, not only to remember those lost but as a symbol of gratitude for the goodness that still surrounds us during this time.  

Please participate and help us spread light and love around our grieving world.  Share a good story, a happy thought, an act of kindness that you have seen in the days and weeks after this horrific event with us and we will share it with the world here on our blog.  

To submit a story or share something positive for this project, email us with your contact info and story at  We hope to receive so many replies that we can hardly fill this space with so much goodness.  

Here is a button for you to share this project with your friends, families, blogs, email lists, colleagues and anywhere and everywhere you can so we can remind people that this world is still filled with SO much good.  Please just link the button back to this post at 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Look for The Light

As I sit here on my computer, getting ready to put something... some sort of energy out into the universe for you to read, my girls are upstairs laughing and making a lot of noise.  Each shriek of laughter is bittersweet.  The hole in my heart stings with pain for the mothers and fathers who will no longer hear their child's happiness... yet, at the same time, my heart feels as if it will explode in gratitude and pure love that my children are here with me on this cold Connecticut morning as we sit only a few minutes away from the most horrific event I can ever imagine.

My daughter went to the Waldorf school for Kindergarten which is in Newtown, CT.  My girls also attend the camp in Newtown in the summer at the school.  Last year, her class made these beautiful candles with her teachers in the Sunflower Classroom.

I pulled the candle out last night after tucking my sweet girls into their beds and knowing that at least 20 parents only a town over cannot do the same.... I lit it.  Alone in silence and cried my eyes out.   I remembered that many of the children in my daughter’s kindergarten class were reaching 6 years old.  I know many of them transitioned to public school like we did.  I wondered if any of her sweet classmates may be among the victims.  I remembered the mothers and how we would congregate waiting to pick up our children outside at school... I wondered if any of them waited outside Sandy Hook Elementary yesterday to pick up their child again.  And, I prayed they were able to.  And then I realized that my irrational mind was trying to rationalize and it really didn't matter if it were parents that I knew or not... because the fact is that there were parents there who did not get their children back.  Whether I knew them or not didn't make it less real.

When I heard the news that there was a shooting the the town next to us, fear ran through my body.  I called my mother to come to Connecticut from her work in Westchester to be with me.  I had daycare children but I needed to get my girls.  At that time, there were false reports of shooters on the loose in a van... I imagined it being terrorists going school to school in our neighborhoods killing children.   Anything seemed possible.  As horrible as it was, at that time we thought 2 children died.  We had absolutely NO comprehension of what really happened.  We found that dreaded news out much later.

I got my girls out of school.  Parents were crying outside... inside it was somber.  Little children did not understand why so many parents were picking them up early.  Parents answered with things like "because I love you" or "today seemed like a good day to go home and watch a movie together.".  Older children at the middle school knew much more... with access to IPhones, etc. they were already aware of the horror... doors were chained and the blinds were shut tight... and they were  not allowed to go outside.  I am thankful for the staff and how our school system has communicated with us with numerous phone calls and so much love and sensitivity.  But I am saddened that yet another piece of my daughters’ innocence was robbed away.

When we got home, I had to sit them down and somehow explain this madness to them in terms they could understand without too much information.  Our town is deeply affected, with many friends and adults who have lost someone they know or love.  In each restaurant and store, there were people crying.  There is no way I could keep the information from them completely.  They needed it to come from me before they went back out into the world.

How do you find the words to tell beautiful, innocent souls filled with love and hope and beauty - how do you find the words to tell them that the devil broke into a school only miles away and murdered little children just like them in their classroom?   How do you explain terror?  How do you tell them something like this yet still somehow make them feel safe in this world?

Somehow my words came.  I asked them if they understood what their lock-down drills were for at school.  I am so thankful for those drills.  Just a week or so ago Maia told me they had one when she was in the bathroom and she went to the teacher's lounge, the closest safe place, rather than wandering the halls because she was taught correctly.

Maia told me she knew the drills were in case a bad person came inside the school and so the children would be kept safe.  I told them that something that like is extremely rare and uncommon.  Something most people would never see of but sadly one of the very rare times... happened very close to our home.  I explained that someone very bad hurt grown ups and children in a Newtown school.  And that many children were also kept safe by wonderful teachers who loved them.

They asked me if people died.  I said yes.  Brianna asked me if there were children that died.  I said yes.  They asked me how.  I told them... sort of.  I told them what weapon was used without the details.  Brianna asked me if the children were afraid... if they wanted their mommies when the bad man came in their classroom.... Brianna is 6 years old, just like many of those children.  Immediately I had visions of those sweet children seeing their friends being slaughtered one by one... I felt the longing that must have went through them the seconds before they died wanting their mommies.  But I told Brianna that when people are going to heaven... the angels come down and hold them, they love them and keep them warm and safe.  That the warmth from the angels is like a mommy's love times 1000 and there is no sadness or fear at all.  Keira worries about the parents who lost children and wants to help them.  I do too.

I hope I said the right things.  Hopefully not too much.  I don't know.  I have not been prepared well for this day. In my panic and shock, my previous thoughts of homeschooling came back as the solution.  I could homeschool the children and keep them safe.  They would be with me always.  I resolved to homeschool on Monday.

Then I realized that even homeschooled children go to classes and events without their parents.  They go on trains, subways, to malls and movies.  They get older and meet friends and go to events together.

So I put my thoughts on gun control.  We shouldn't have guns.  They should be banned.  Their should be stricter regulations.  Then we will be safe.

Then I remembered that Connecticut has one of the strictest gun laws in the country.  Even if I believe those things, in this particular case it was not the solution either.

Devastation came over me as I realized that there is no solution at all.  At that moment, I felt so extremely helpless.  I wondered why I didn't think more about this before bringing children into this world.  Saying that these things are rare and uncommon is fine when you live far away from a mass killing... but when it happens in your own community... in your own backyard... well, it just doesn't help.

As the night went by, I cried myself to sleep.  I woke up a million times and checked on my children.  This morning I woke up and for a few moments hoped it was a nightmare.  My heart sunk when I realized that so many families could not have possibly slept last night especially if I couldn't.  I managed to bring my daughter to choir practice... their choir teacher also teaches first grade in our public elementary school.  With red eyes, she told the children that if she breaks down crying to please keep on singing.

So they did.

Now later today, as I hear so many stories of heroes - teachers who hid children and gave their own lives instead like Kaitlin Roig and Victoria Soto.   The stories of first responders who must have been fathers themselves who told the children to cover their eyes as they walked out, in a desperate attempt to protect what was left of their innocence.

I then remembered the quote I share often from Mr. Rogers:

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

So I have begun doing that.  It is helping.  I see so many people reaching out from across the globe and I remember that the world is MOSTLY good.  I received emails from people like David and Lisbeth of Sparkle Stories who wrote:  

"Hi Eileen, 

I just wanted to reach out and send love your way, having learned that you are close to the Newtown area.  We are shocked up here and can't imagine what is unfolding in your neighborhood. 

I wrote a story last night and recorded it early this morning.   We really wanted to offer something small that might be helpful to a town (and  state and country) of struggling families. You are welcome to take the story with the blog post or separately and use it as you wish.

We're going to put it on FB but I wanted to email it directly to you. 

With great love, 

David Sewell McCann 
 Sparkle Stories"

THIS is the world I live in.  Goodness and light are still there.  Please look for it, even in the darkness.  I am trying to.

Then a daycare mom, Erica Rogan, emailed me saying that we should do something... anything.  Something to help others look for the light.  So here we are.   Doing something... good.

We are calling it Look for The Light.  

We are calling out asking for stories of goodness, of light, of hope directly related to this tragedy even in your own homes... maybe a sweet story of a child making a picture for someone who is sad in Newtown, maybe a bigger story of a hero in Newtown who went above and beyond.  

And we are going to share these stories.. one by one, here on the Little Acorn Learning Blog to remind us all that there is still so much GOODNESS in the world.   To do our part to bring it out.  

And each night at 7 p.m. as we are doing this - we ask you to light some sort of luminary in a window or front porch, not only to remember those lost but as a symbol of gratitude for the goodness that surrounds us and comforts us all during this time.  

Please participate and help us spread light and love around our grieving world.  Share a good story, a happy thought, an act of kindness that you have seen in the days and weeks after this horrific event with us and we will share it with the world here on our blog.  

To submit a story or share something positive for this project, email us with your contact info and story at  We hope to receive so many replies that we can hardly fill this space with so much goodness.  

Here is a button for you to share this project with your friends, families, blogs, email lists, colleagues and anywhere and everywhere you can so we can remind people that this world is still filled with SO much good.  Please just link the button back to this post at 

In peace,

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Star Luminary and a Winter Festival E-Book Giveaway!

 I do behold the world,
Wherein there shines the sun,
Wherein there gleam the stars,
Wherein there lie the stones,
The plants, they live and grow,
The beasts they feel and move,
And man to spirit gives
A dwelling in his soul.
I do behold the soul
That lives within me.
God’s spirit lives and weaves
In light of sun and soul,
In heights of worlds without
In depths of soul within.
Spirit of God, to thee,
I turn myself and ask
That strength and grace and skill
For learning and for work
In me may live and grow.

~Rudolf Steiner

 Happy St. Lucia Day from Little Acorn Learning!

Each year we do our best to celebrate the seasonal festivals in our home.  This beautiful winter festival of light is one of my very favorites.  This year, I wanted to create something fresh and new to adorn our home with in the spirit of light and love.  Last night, I thought how beautiful it would be to make some sort of a Star Luminary and this is what I came up with.  :)  It was not easy the way we did it but it could surely be simplified.  

We used roof flashing and cut it the size that would be right to create the cylinder part of the luminary.  We then used a pencil to outline simple shapes (moon, stars) and placed a piece of wood underneath the flashing laid out flat.  Using a hand drill, we carefully made holes outlining our shapes.  We also added holes to the edges and top to adhere the luminary together with flexible wire.  In addition we cut a top out for our project (this is not necessary and please be sure there is enough distance from the candle and enough ventilation).  After the designs were completed, we used the flexible wire to join the two sides together and then again on top, weaving in and out to join our top piece to the cylinder.  As you can see we added wooden stars we drilled holes in in order to  make it more artful.  

From Wikipedia:  

"Saint Lucia's Day (sometimes Lucy for short) is the Church feast day dedicated to Saint Lucy and is observed on the 13th of December. Its modern day celebration is generally associated withSweden and Norway but is also observed in DenmarkEstoniaItalyLatviaFinlandHungaryMaltaBosniaBavariaCroatiaSlovakiaSpain and St. Lucia, West Indies.[citation needed] In the United States it is celebrated with cookies on the mantel in states for a large number of people of Scandinavian ancestry, often centered around church events.
A girl in the Lucia procession in Sweden, 2007
In traditional celebrations, Saint Lucy comes as a young woman with lights and sweets. It is one of the few saint days observed in Scandinavia. In some forms, a procession is headed by one girl wearing a crown of candles (or lights), while others in the procession hold only a single candle each."

A traditional bread to make with the children this week to celebrate St. Lucia Day are these delicious St. Lucy Buns (remember that you can celebrate this festival ANY time this week - don't worry if you missed it today).  
I'm excited about how this new project came out.  It is perfect to protect our favorite candle from the winter wind.  A great way to celebrate this week would be to enjoy an outdoor campfire and star gazing evening.  Maybe make a few hot cups of cocoa and bring your buns too?

During the day, our luminary is going to stay within our Advent wreath until Christmas morning.  

Sara has a beautiful post and simple star boy crown idea to help get you into the mood as well:  Love in the Suburbs

We also have so many more amazing ideas for you in our Winter Festivals E-Book...

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Love and Light of Lucia to All!