Monday, October 24, 2011

Piano Recital

Yesterday Keira had her first piano recital which was a 'Halloween Recital'. She has been taking lessons for less than a year and has an amazing talent for music. She's gotten through some of the hardest books and plays just unbelievably already. I know Keira was very nervous to perform but she did amazing!
We are all so proud of her and it warms my heart when I see one of my children discover a passion of theirs like Keira's new found love for music. When I was young, I would spend hours upon hours writing and creating art... its what I have always loved to do and I see the same excitement in Keira when she plays.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Nature's Sounds

This week in our Forest School we talked about the sense of hearing. We also talked a lot about the different types of birds in our area and the various sounds that they make.
My sweet Brianna is now a part of our forest program. She was suffering from such extreme anxiety in Kindergarten that she was having panic attacks at home and crying horribly each morning for almost a month. We tried so hard to make it work but it got to the point that I realized she just wasn't ready to transition yet. I knew this deep down inside but I guess I had hoped for the best.
So we are exploring learning together right now... learning in the woods here, participating in various homeschool groups. We've had such a wonderful time and Brianna has begun to make friends and go off on her own without me to play.
I'm not sure where we will end up but right now she is still very young and we are taking each day at a time. I have always been very open to homeschooling but also love the community aspect of being a part of a school for the girls. Luckily, the events that I've been attending are a wonderful way to make tons of friends for both myself and Brianna.
This week we took the children up to the field at Williams Park...
There the children found milkweed and Miss Jen talked about it some...When you break the leaves there is a 'milky' substance inside...
And we talked about how the caterpillars lay their eggs there..

Brianna found one that had obviously helped hatch a hungry caterpillar who then proceeded to EAT the leaf it was born on :)
This really is a beautiful way to learn. Who knows... maybe all of the girls will one day learn at home. I'm open to the idea.
Little Lilah and Brianna have been friends for a very long time. Lilah was in my childcare since she was almost two years old. It is so sweet that they are still so close - just like siblings.
Here Miss Jen took us to a special place in the woods where a big tree fell down after a big storm....
But look at the most amazing part...
The ROOTS all got pulled up - so huge and wonderful!

The children just LOVED this.
Autumn is truly here and there are signs of it everywhere. It is my absolute favorite time of the year.

On our way back to our picnic tables, we used our ears to listen for the animals in the forest. We heard so many beautiful bird sounds...
We then painted rocks to make our very own bird creations...

Below you see Brianna's bluebird and cardinal. :) Fun times.