Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fingerplay for Earth Day

Oak Trees Fingerplay

This is an acorn so smooth and so brown,
(Make small circle with fingers)

Which from a great oak tree came rattling down.
(tap fingers on desk or table)

Now it is hiding deep down in the grass,
(hide head into hands)

Waiting for ice-time and snow-time to pass.
Here are some baby oaks trying to grow,
(raise head up – point pointers up straight)

Here are young saplings all placed in a row,
(raise other fingers and arms up straight)

These are tall oak trees in red leaves and brown,
(stand up straight and extend arms like tree)

Hear how their acorns come rattling down.
(sit down and tap fingers briskly on desk or table)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Felting Easter Eggs

Today we felted Easter Eggs with the children... this activity is given in my April 2009 Childcare guide.

Here are the instructions if you would like to do this at home:

Felted Easter Eggs

Supplies Needed:
Plastic Eggs
Wool Roving Assorted Colors
Laundry Detergent
Duct Tape

Using duct tape, cover opening in plastic eggs to make sure they are shut tight. Take wool roving and wrap your eggs with chosen colors. For each egg, cut one half leg of pantyhose and place egg inside… tie the other end of the pantyhose as well. Put tied pantyhose with eggs inside in washing machine and add laundry detergent. After cycle, place pantyhose into dryer and tumble dry full cycle. Use these beautiful felted eggs as gifts, to display in your nature space or to hide in an Easter Egg hunt.

First each child picked which colors they wanted to use to wrap their eggs with. Then with help from an adult, they wrapped them up good!

Then we placed each egg into a tied up nylon stocking and placed it in the wash on HOT with laundry detergent....
And then into the dryer for a long hot dry and look what came out!!!!
Tuxi thinks they are toys :)