Monday, October 29, 2007

Leaf Rubbing Cards

This morning the girls and I spent time collecting leaves and making Leaf Rubbing Thanksgiving Cards. It is such a cold, windy Autumn day here - it was the perfect thing to do to keep them busy for awhile.

If you'd like to do this craft, it is very simple. Just fold a piece of paper in half and place a leaf or two inside. Use block crayons or regular crayons on their sides to rub the leaf images onto the front of the cards. They come out really pretty especially if you use more than one color.

Have fun!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Log Boats for Columbus Day

We made log boats today to celebrate Columbus Day. First, we gathered sticks to use for the base. Maia took the opportunity to practice her counting.

Then Keira and I joined the sticks with raffia and a little hot glue. Since we were making more than one, we knew we needed to take our time and be patient. It was great for Keira to practice her tying skills.
Then we added a mast and sail to our boat and Dee filled up the water table for the girls to play.
The float! Whoo hooo!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Natural Dyeing

This morning we dyed cotton material with turmeric to make Orange playcloths for October! The color came out beautiful and the kids were amazed to see the white material change into an autumn toy!

After we dyed the material we washed it out and hung it to dry on the deck. Maia was in charge of using the clothespins to hang the cloths.

The babies loved playing with their new cloths outside after our nature walk. The colors ranged from yellow to deep orange and will be so pretty on our Fall nature table. I'll take photos when we put it together.