Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Visit from The Candy Fairy

When my children were little they were often more excited about the Candy Fairy then they were about trick or treating on Halloween night. Every Halloween night each girl left out a big bowl of candy for The Candy Fairy. Amazingly, she just so happened to always fly down our road after they went to bed... and, in appreciation she left some treasures in return.
The girls were always convinced that the more candy they left the better the surprise would be in the morning. Sometimes it was a fairy type of treasure like you see in these pictures and as they got a bit older it would often be a special toy, doll, art supplies or Lego set.

And, don't worry ... I wasn't a mean mom... each girl kept enough candy to enjoy a piece or two when they wanted a treat that week - just not a pillowcase full.

By the way, I heard the fairy visits houses any time after Halloween so you may want to see if she's heading to your neighborhood soon.



  1. I wonder if my boys would go for that?

  2. Ah, the Candy Fairy. She visited here and left capes for each child plus a matching one for a dolly. Gotta love her!

  3. Oh how wonderful! We had the sugar fairy visit us when my dd was little too, and I didn't know anyone else who knew her!! We didn't see her after Halloween (which we don't celebrate) but just as part of Autumn.

  4. Amazing the things a sugar fairy can leave. I may have to check her schedule and see if she's coming for a visit near us. Normally, I just take the candy to work but I bet the sugar fairy would like it more than my coworkers would.

  5. What a fantastic idea! My kiddo was too young to go this year, but next year will be a different story. And, thanks for the great link to the toymaker!

  6. This is a fabulous idea....we do gnomes....but I love the boxes!!...if you get a chance would you let me know where you got them???....really, really cute!!


  7. sorry, just saw it is the Toymaker....oops....and thanks!