Monday, December 21, 2015

Celebrate the Winter Solstice and Win a Free E-Book By Sharing Your Ideas!

The Winter Solstice is here and I love looking back on some of the beautiful ways we have celebrated this special equinox as well as many of the beautiful ideas included in our winter e-books at Little Acorn Learning.

Over the upcoming months, the sun will climb higher, our days will become longer and filled with more warmth.  The solstice is a wonderful time to try to slow down and be more mindful of what is going on both in the world around you as well as deep inside of you.  This is something I really need to focus on in my own life as well.

There are beautiful poems, stories and books you can share with the children during this magical festival.  Some of my favorite books to share are:


Here are some of my old favorites to help you celebrate this special time.  There are many more beautiful ideas, recipes, songs, books, meditations and more in our winter books on our website as well as on our blog.

Make a Winter Nature Table (as explained in our Winter Festivals E-Book)
Photo by Sara Wilson
Winter Garland (as in the December 5 Day Guide and on our blog):

Solstice Spinners (detailed instructions in our Winter Festivals E-Book):

Make a Yule Log (in our December Enrichment Guide):

Roast Chestnuts

Bake Sun Bread (December 5 Day Guide):

Make Solstice Crowns (Winter Festivals E-Book):

Photo by Sara Wilson
Make a Solstice Wish (King Winter E-Book):

Make Cinnamon Cocoa (December Enrichment Guide):

Photo by Kristine Brown
Snow Candles

What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate this beautiful festival?

Post your idea in comments and we will pick a random winner tomorrow evening the 22nd to win a free winter e-book of their choice from Little Acorn Learning!

Be sure to check back here as we will announce the winner on our blog!

Solstice Blessings xoxo


  1. We are hosting friends this week and making a spiral walk in our yard and feasting on some goodies for lunch. We haven't decided on our craft yet! This would be great!

  2. We make bird feeders and set them up outside
    and then we cuddle up under blankets and read stories

  3. A spiral walk and baking sun bread. I love the idea of making bird feeders.

  4. We play outside and gather things like pine cones and branches to decorate with. I bake gluten-free Cranberry Bread in the morning (we make a similar winter garland with left over cranberries and popcorn) and gluten-free Solstice Pot Pie for dinner.

    I love your Solstice Spinners and Yule Log - I'd like to try those this year :)

  5. We've made a path of large twig stars (made from willow boughs and twine)and we'll set candles in jars along the path to the tree where we'll have our "midnight" picnic (actually about 8pm!).

  6. We made beeswax candles and we added some new things to our nature table. We also love to make cocoa.

  7. On Solstice Eve, we walk a beautiful Solstice Spiral made of evergreen boughs. Lighting it up with our lanterns as we go. My family gets up early on Solstice morning, and bundles up to go to a nearby hill. We watch the reborn sun come up, and sing to it. Then we go tobogganing down the hill and then out to a nearby cafe for brunch. I also teach at a Nature-based school which has adopted our sunrise tobogganing tradition, and we also do snow-ga (yoga Sun Salutations in the snow).

  8. We spent the evening enjoying lights as we walked through town. Everything from our neighbors displays to lights around the skating rink, and big Christmas trees covered in lights. It was a nice reminder that the light is coming back.

  9. In our nature school, I have been telling a story about a native american girl and boy making prayer sticks for the solstice for the past 1.5 weeks. Next class, we will "act" out the story and make prayers sticks by first finding a forked stick, then peeling the bark and smoothing the wood with rocks. Finally we will add feathers, "bones" (sticks), "fur" (pieces of wool) and a pouch with tobacco (leaves). When done, we will plant our prayer sticks in a circle and sing a song asking the sun to stay out longer.

  10. We haven't celebrated this holiday yet, as Chanukah and Christmas keep this month quite busy for us. But for summer solstice, I plan to do a sun dial and wanted to do the same for winter to contrast the two. However, it was unusually cloudy and rainy for our area today, and we didn't get to it. I would love one of the ebooks to provide more ideas! :)

  11. We made treats for the animals and placed them in trees and then participated in an advent spiral with our local friends. I love the solstice!

  12. Victoria Foreman HarrisDecember 22, 2015 at 12:25 PM

    We celebrate with luminaria in our town and on our street, they are so beautiful and make Christmas magical.

  13. laurie pal (pitter patter dayhome)December 22, 2015 at 12:32 PM

    We made bead suns and window star suns. We are going to cut orange slices and add p nut butter and bird seed to hang out on our bird tree.

  14. Rolling bees wax candles... One of our favorites

  15. We started some new traditions this year for our first year celebrating winter solstice. We made a tree for the animal and decorated it with fruits and birdseed ornaments. We placed candles on the branches and when nightime came we lit the candles and sang carols... it was so gorgeous as all the branches were covered in droplets from the fog and sparkling! Then we came back to our cozy house to eat our yummy sunbread and yule log cake.

  16. I was not raised celebrating the solstice, and I'm just learning about this beautiful day. I would love to learn more!